Channels from stock

In addition to our standard grating attachments (156 x 156 mm to 500 x 500 mm), the following drainage channels are available from stock for immediate delivery: ...

Drainage channels


Box channels

Schlitzrinnen 210x160

Slot channels


Shower channels


Covers suitable for all channels are available for all areas of use and in all load classes.


Made from stainless steel grade 304 (grade 316L)

As well as floor drains, ETU also offers various drainage channels for indoor use.

> Standard channel (type 1)
> Standard channel with additional outwards chamfering (type 2 thin mortar bed flange)
> Standard channel with file protection angle-frame (type 3)
> Special channel shapes

Each drain channel is individually manufactured and adapted to the structural circumstances (lengthways/crossways slope or no slope). Depending on area of use, different cover variants can be used.

>> Mini channels



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