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As a specialist in stainless steel machining, we are very familiar with the special features of steel and the most important stainless steel alloys. We only work with top quality stainless steel of types grade 304 and grade 316L/316TI, and cast stainless steel grade 316. We will of course work with higher alloy materials on request – and can even provide a factory acceptance certificate too.



Category V2A

Material AISI 304:

C max. 0.07%,
Cr 17 – 19.5
Ni 8.5 – 10.5 %


This quality is commonly used in all industries, e.g. in the food and drink industry, for heating and air conditioning systems, in the chemical industry, the paper industry, and for machine construction parts subject to corrosion.



Material no. 304L: with limited C content of max. 0.03%, improved weldability, no carbide precipitation

Material no. 1.4541: with addition of Ti as stabilising element to prevent carbide precipitation.



Category V4A

Material no. AISI 316L:

C max. 0.07 %,
Cr 1635 – 18.5 %,
Ni 10.0 – 14.0 %,
Mo 2 – 2.5 %


The steel’s resistance to acid is vastly improved through the addition of Mo. More Ni is also added to the steel alloy to retain the austenitic structure, resulting in improved resistance to pitting.

This also applies to material 316L, with a limited C content (max. 0.03%) and slightly higher Ni content (11-14%), which is being increasingly used in industry. This Cr-Ni-Mo-alloyed material is more resistant to reducing organic and inorganic acids and media containing halogens.


C = carbon, Cr = chromium, Ni = nickel, Ti = titanium, Mo = molybdenum

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